Campari & Blood Orange Nitro-Cocktail

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Campari & Blood Orange Nitro-Cocktail

For 4 portions.


Put all the ingredients in a cryobowl.
Whisk delicately while slowly pouring the liquid nitrogen until it becomes a smooth sorbet or slash.


Inflate a regular balloon, using a sugar blowing pump, to stretch it.
Then allow to deflate.
Using a large syringue, fill the balloon with 70 ml of Les vergers Boiron Blood Orange Puree.
Inflate it again with the sugar blowing pump to form a sphere that fits your chosen serving glass; knot it at the neck.

Fill the cryobowl with liquid nitrogen.
Place the balloon in the liquid nitrogen.
Turn it quickly and constantly so that all surfaces comes into contact with the liquid nitrogen.
Continue rolling it on the nitrogen until the liquid is completely frozen (about 1 minute)
Remove balloon from cryobowl and leave it in a freezer for 10 minutes.

Using a sharp, thin knife, score the balloon and peel off the rubber coating so you are left with just a frozen sphere.
Heat the tip of a metal piping nozzle using a blow torch

Press the sphere lightly on the heated pipping nozzle to make a hole on it

Fill the Nitro-Sphere with the Campari & Blood Orange Nitro-Slash

Serve it immediately with a straw and a spoon on a frozen glass.