Orange shotglass

For 20 portions.

Catalan cream

Heat the puree and cream with the spices, infuse for 10 minutes. 
Mix the eggs and sugar mixture with the liquid and heat to 80 °C.
Pour into the shot glasses up to 1/3 up and bake at 120 °C for 30 min in a water bath.
Keep in the refrigerator.

Blood orange jelly

Warm the puree to 40 °C, melt the glucose in the puree. 
Pour the sugar-pectin mixture, bring to the boil, remove from the heat and add the acid. 
Leave to cool and pour over the Catalan cream up to 2/3 up.

Blood orange jelly (gellan variant)

Warm the puree. 
At 40 °C pour the sugar-gellan mixture and bring to the boil. 
Before complete cooling, pour over the Catalan cream. 
NB: This mass is quite firm. 
Keep in the refrigerator.

Orange cream

Heat the puree, butter, part of the sugar to 40°C. 
Mix the eggs with the remaining sugar. 
Stir and thicken without boiling.
Set aside and mix it cold with the single cream. 
Fill a siphon and put under pressure.
Before serving the shot glass, add the cream over the jelly. 


1- Catalan cream
2- Blood orange jelly
3- Orange cream